Construction Equipment and Tools

NCC has equipped with delicate equipment and advanced examination devices and owns 4000 sets of various construction equipment, test devices and Calibration instrument in total, among which the total lifting capacity of self-owned lifting devices is up to 1800 tons with single maximum capacity of 700 ton. 

NCC has its own pipe prefabrication shop equipped with domestic advanced machinery, in which there are 5 fixed production line and movable production station managed by software and programming. The capacity of the shop can be 1,000,000 dia-inch/a and 5,000 dia-inch per day. 

NCC has set up its specific branches including building material leasing, equipment leasing, small equipment and tools rental center as well as welding training center in which has 50 training stations and ranks second in Jiangsu Province , which is of great help during project implementation.  

NCC has its wholly owned subsidiary, Nanjing Tianlong Inspection Engineering Co., Ltd, undertaking various kinds of DNE, GPS location detection etc. 

Network and programmed control has been realized within NCC.  Quantitative management by using P3 software has been adopted and achieved in project control, keeping pace with levels of international project management .

Material and equipment

Piping prefabrication

Equipment leasing

DNE and Welding training