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News Release

Go abroad and turn island to silver land

Hengyi (Brunei) PMB Petrochemical Project is a significant one along Belt and Road and one of the biggest project in Nanjing for Year 2017, located in PMB island, tropical rain forest climate.


This Project invested by Hengyi and Brunei SDC is a 10 million level refinery integrate project. NCC as the biggest contractor undertook Sulfur Recovery Integrate Plant, East Tankfarm, West Tankfarm, Spheres, 8300 Jetty, 8001, 8029, 4401 Piperack, with total amount of 3 billion RMB.

The company attaches great importance to the implementation of the project, and has set up a 6-member leading group headed by the chairman, which is responsible for the overall planning and coordination, overall promotion, supervision and implementation of the project. Two deputy general managers are designated to be responsible for the construction of the domestic part and the foreign part respectively. All the staff involved worked overtime to overcome difficulties and strictly carried out the construction in accordance with the requirements of the owners. All the indicators such as safety, quality, progress, civilized construction and technological innovation were among the top among the four construction contractors. Up to now, the company has invested more than 3,000 people, 1,262 sets of various machines and tools, sent 50 batches of various materials and materials, and logistics transportation has exceeded about 200,000 tons of billing, effectively completing 87% of the total construction.

2)Domestic Fabrication

In order not to delay the foreign site construction, careful consideration of the work process, strengthen internal and external communication, scientific calculation of the running time of each work, the implementation of cross-work, amplification of the advance, early preparation, from the material procurement, transportation, blanking, prefabrication, shot blasting, corrosion prevention, packaging, loading and other related work. With clear responsibilities, it ensures that all kinds of equipment, machines, tools and materials can be shipped to the Brunei site smoothly. It provides great support for the on-site construction abroad and plays a strong backing role

3)Site Construction

As the saying goes: "a thousand days at home is good, go out everywhere is difficult" let alone in the desolate island, even buy a needle is very laborious on site. In this difficult situation, NCC completed the construction of camp, water source, utilities supply and ground leveling. Then, the underground foundation construction and the upper installation are spread out, which are divided into four areas, namely sulfur recovery device area, eastern tank area, western tank area and western 6 bid section. Wu Hongkai, Xie Lin,Li Feng and Guo Xiaonao are project managers of the area respectively. Under the unified leadership of the company and the project department, they led the staff to work overtime day and night in every corner of site Through the joint efforts of all the staff, 87% of the total project has been completed so far. Some units have already been completed more than 90%.

4)New Record

(1)The 50,000 cubic meters accident water tank in the western tank area is the largest, the construction difficulty is the largest, and the time is the shortest. It has created a miracle and filled in the blank of the company, which is highly praised by the owners.

(2)66 kv substation is the largest, is the company's largest substation project

(3)Longest line, largest size. Project consists of sulfur recovery plant, the east and west tank farm and six packages and so on four big areas, 133 sets of all kinds of storage tank, including 100 thousand cubic meter 8, 50 thousand cubic meter 6, 30 thousand cubic meter and below 89 units, 3000 cubic meter spherical tank 30, 367610 cubic meter concrete, steel 13000 tons, 656 sets of equipment, pipeline, 400 km, 750000 meters electric cable and the substation of 66 kv, 10 kv substation seven substation installation, pipe rack of 13000 tons, total length of 8.7km.


(1) The rainwater collection and accident pool of unit 8044 in the sixth package is designed for the road in the western tank area and the rainwater collection and emergency treatment of the accident water inside the tank area. The total capacity is 50000 cubic meters, which is the largest pool ever undertaken by the company. The pool is only 80 meters away from the sea, and the maximum depth of excavation is more than 10 meters, the bottom elevation of the pit is 7 meters below the sea level. In addition, the site is filled with blown sand, with strong soil permeability and easy to collapse and landslide in case of water. Based on the principle of science, economy, safety and advanced, the dewatering and supporting measures of 18 meters deep well and the dewatering and supporting measures of steel mesh grouting and reinforced bolt retaining wall are made .Four major problems, such as soil dewatering and slope support construction, horizontal transportation, distance control for mechanical concrete pouring and joint structure treatment in the west, have been effectively solved.

(2) Sulfur Recovery Plant was the first plant intermedium handed over on Nov 26.

(3) Hold seven meetings a week. Hold weekly safety briefing, material matching meeting, civil engineering construction management meeting, pipe construction management meeting, steel structure construction management meeting, large equipment lifting and installation special topic meeting, quality progress briefing meeting. All departments and regions share information resources in a timely manner, and the construction organization is orderly and efficient.

(4)Innovative Building methods. The innovation with "factory prefabrication, modular installation, automatic welding and information management" as the main content has been implemented in the project and achieved fruitful results. On the basis of independent innovation, pipe welding, steel structure construction management and construction management system platform, storage and transportation construction management system, BIM cloud three-dimensional construction management system and dynamic qr code, micro signal push the cloud model, visually, and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) panoramic VR information technology successfully applied in the project construction management, has realized from the procurement, prefabricated, anticorrosive, packaging, transport, installation to hand over the whole process of information management.

6) Quality and Safety System Operation

In construction process, each area, each construction group, according to the ratio required quality inspectors and safety inspectors are provided, earnestly implement the national laws and regulations and the local government for quality, safety, environmental and health requirements, to strengthen the safety and quality control, improving the quality of supply. 4291 people received safety training, with the cumulative safety manhour 9406150, safety production days 607 days, the safety expenses totaled 56.7 million yuan. At peak, there were 3197 people. The project quality meets the control requirements, and the qualified rate of measurement points and radiographic test is more than 98.57%, and for some storage tanks 100% were achieved.

7) Unity

The company adopts the construction management mode of domestic prefabrication and foreign installation for the first time, which is very difficult and brings a lot of inconvenience. The leaders of the company are far-sighted, exert collective wisdom, lead the staff to unite as one, forge ahead courageously, cross the river by feeling the stones, explore the new experience of foreign and domestic construction, and create a new situation by arranging and deploying manpower. And through the company's own development of intellectual property rights management software for the implementation of domestic and foreign linkage management, with a certain scientific and accurate, good results.