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News Release

A strong fortress for the project

---The Logistics Operation System has been fully implemented by NCC Hengyi (Brunei) PMB Petrochemical Project Team.

      As the saying goes, “Food and fodder should go ahead of troops and horses." The establishment of an effective system is the prerequisite for a basic running of a project. In order to ensure the normal operation of Hengyi (Brunei) PMB Petrochemical Project, the party committee of NCC first decided to establish a party organization. In June 2017, the general party branch of NCC Hengyi (Brunei) PMB Petrochemical Project Team was set up and appointed Mr. Guo Peishen as the secretary, with two branches at home and abroad for a full matching of the system guarantee. Secondly, it is the key of the project building that the Party General Branch and the Party branch should strengthen ideological and political work and do a good job in the service of logistics management.

      Comrade Ma Denglin, deputy secretary of the General Party Branch, is specifically responsible for the party building, ideological and political work and logistical support of the project team. At present, he has received more than 5,500 travels of to and from people. Four camps have been set up on and outside the island, namely, the western camp, camp 800, camp 1000, off- island camp and 18 large and small canteens with cooks and hygiene and cleaning staff of 60 people. Those camps can accommodate 3500 people. Currently, there are 2600 plus people (excluding foreign workers) working for the project and the peak time can reach 3197.

      Before, you never know how hard it is if you don't experience it and now a bridge connects North and South. At beginning, without water and electricity but with flying sand and rolling pebbles, life on the island was very hard. The sunshine was very strong, and there were crocodiles and wild animals from time to time. Everything had to be transported by ship, and there were only two shifts a day. If forgets anything, nothing you can do but only look across the sea helplessly. Our construction army built under a high sense of responsibility and mission, where it generated electricity by itself, built deep wells, desalinated the seawater, set up camps, canteens and office areas; now the site begin to take shape and the environment improved a lot.

      Life on the island is monotonous and work is hard. The staff basically maintain three points and one line life, from the construction site to the canteen, and then from the canteen to the dormitory day by day. Some people quipped: "Working is like taking a bath - go to work and wash saltwater bath; off duty, wash acid bath; run more, wash frequently, acid and alkali neutralize skin and make it good and without bubble; if the body desquamate, it must be lacking sunshine".

      In order to make life pleasant, the project team, in addition to vary the diet, also insists on the distribution of fruit or drinks every 10 days, to make sure that everyone can eat a fruit or drink every day. During the 2018 Chinese New year, the Party branch at Brunei organizes the staff to have a party get-together, the domestic party branch organizes the staff to have a tea talk and play I Draw Your Guess game and so on. Those activities have effectively mobilized the work enthusiasm of the employees.

     We respect Brunei customs and cultivate our people to respect the religious beliefs of the people of Brunei, not smoke and drink in places outside the camp, and put an end to incidents that violate religious beliefs. We require our people to comply with camp management regulations and also insist on the rule of leave asking and back and incident reporting.