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News Release

The Company awarded Luban Prize , The Highest Honor for Construction Quality Project in China

On February 14, 2019, China Construction Associate published nominated Projects for Luban Prize (National Quality Project) for Year 2018-Year 2019 in document (Jian Xie [2019]2#). Fujian Shenyuan 400kt/a Polyamide Integrate Project Caprolactam Plant undertaken by the Company is awarded the Luban Prize , the highest honor for construction quality project for Year 2018-Year 2019.

Fujian Shenyuan 400kt/a Polyamide Integrate Project Caprolactam Plant is the biggest Caprolactam plant in the world. In the construction process, the Company adheres to the quality policy of "fine planning, emphasis on process, excellent service, integrity, higher quality and renewal". We firmly grasp the main line of quality system operation, consolidate the quality foundation, strengthen process control, pay attention to technological innovation, and improve the project quality. The project has won the national chemical industry quality engineering award, national excellent welding engineering first prize and many other honors. During the construction period, 8 of the 10 new technologies in the construction industry were popularized and applied, including 15 sub-items, 23 applied patents, 40 used construction methods, 2 developed ministerial-level construction methods, 5 invention patents and 19 utility model patents.  The Company carried out quality management group activities extensively, and won two first prizes and one second prize of national excellent QC achievements of chemical engineering construction. Actively promote green construction, through four section one environmental protection activities, maximize the conservation of resources and reduce the negative impact of construction activities on the environment. When the whole process of the project realized 15 million manhour, it won the title of "safe and civilized construction site" for chemical engineering construction. The Plant was successfully started at one time, running smoothly, without leaking, with remarkable economic and social benefits

The project is nominated by the China association of chemical construction enterprises to participate in the selection of Luban Prize of China construction Project. China's construction industry association in accordance with the "best", nothing more, and the principles of openness, impartiality and fairness of the contestant has carried on the preliminary examination, review and publicity, eventually this Plant, as the only petrochemical project, after its high quality in the fierce competition, won "2018 ~ 2019 the first batch of China construction project Luban prize".

The company will take the opportunity of "Luban Prize" to continuously improve the project management level and create excellent level, interpret the "craftsman spirit" with fine management and advanced construction technology, create new achievements in the new era, and continue to write a new chapter with the spirit of "Luban Prize"!


                                                                                                      Luo Ying