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News Release

The company Certified as Nanjing Municipal Talent Housing Platform Enterprise

          A few days ago, the Jiangbei New District Economic Development Bureau, Jiangbei New District Scientific and Technological Innovation Bureau, Nanjing Science and Technology Commission, Nanjing Talent Housing Office and other Departments jointly decided that the Company successfully passed the certification of Nanjing talent housing information service platform for enterprise, the municipal government and Jiangbei New District recognized for the high technology content, will guide the strong whole construction machinery industry of key headquarters and leading enterprises, is also in Nanjing, the first construction enterprise certified.

        Talent to enterprise certification is the Company actively carry out the innovation of the Nanjing municipal party committee municipal government to build global influence city, satisfy the business enterprise of various kinds of talents strategy an important part of housing demand, through the certification, conform to the Nanjing talent how to reside to F class talent above standard enterprise employees will abide by my talents in Nanjing APP channel apply to the enterprise, through the enterprise of the public, people club department after approval will be distributed by the expeditious quarter talent housing subsidies.

       In the past two years, the Company successively introduced the construction of a line of professional and technical personnel sequence classification management regulations ", "about 2017 pay structure adjustment notice and the notice on adjusting the company c&b system, focus on increasing frontline staff and new recruits income level in colleges and universities, at the same time, strengthen the construction of talent team, show business humanistic care. In the New Year, the Company will continue to strengthen the construction of talent team, carry out the enterprise training year activities, improve the depth and frequency of staff training, practice the talent development strategy of career retention, treatment retention, emotional retention, and promote development of the enterprise.

                                                                                                              Xia Fei         Gao Lei