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News Release

 Annual Working Conference Was Successfully Hold 

         Once again, everything is renewed. In order to summarize our work in 2018, analyze the current situation and do a better job in 2019, NCC solemnly held 2019 Annual Working Conference in our head office on January 25&26. Over 120 representatives, including our top and middle management, shareholders and young intellectuals, attended the conference. We also have management in Brunei, Pakistan, Zhanjiang and Guangdong participated in the video conference at the same time. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Gan Jirong, vice president of the company. 
The meeting agenda on the morning of the 25th was: first, Professor Wu Zhenglin, director of the Department of Economic Management, Jiangsu Provincial Party School, analyzed the current international and domestic situation; Second, professor Wang Ping, school librarian of Jiangsu Provincial Party School, gave a speech on how to strengthen team building and executive force. The meeting agenda of the afternoon: first, Mr. Xia Fei, deputy chief engineer of the company, made a presentation on the achievement of the company's information construction and the next step of the research and development; Second, Chief economist Mr. Li Shaoning elaborated on the qualification reform related matters which made by the provincial construction office; Finally, Mr. Wu Guang, chairman and secretary of the party committee of the company, made a work report entitled "Firming our goals, gathering our strength, and striving to create a new chapter of NCC under high-quality development in the new era." . The report summarized all the work of the company in 2018, analyzed the market situation faced by the company, and put forward the overall working ideas of the company in 2019. In 2018, with the joint efforts of all the employees of the company, the company has made a solid step forward in the development of high quality, which shows as:

1. Realizing the important leapfrogging of economic aggregate; (2) excellent achievements in establishing high quality projects; (3) frequent triumphant news on major construction projects; (4) the scale of assets stepping to a new level; and (5) the simultaneous growth of employee income. The report deploys six key tasks of the company in 2019: (1) to vigorously develop the market and to provide support for the development of high quality; (2) to focus on the drive of innovation to provide momentum for the development of high quality; (3) strengthening the construction of talent team, providing talents guarantee for high quality development; (4) improving quality and safety level and laying the foundation for high quality development; (5) promoting transformation and development to create benefits for high quality development; 6. do a good job in party building and provide a strong political guarantee for high-quality development.

       On the morning of 26th, January, the meeting participants were divided into seven groups to discuss Mr. Wu’s work report. Through a two-day study and discussion, the participants achieved common understanding, specified their tasks and enhanced their confidence in finishing their 2019 work task in high-quality.