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News Release

Hengyi (Brunei) PMB Sulfur Recovery Integrate Plant Intermedium Handover

        Sulfur Recovery Integrate Plant for Hengyi (Brunei) PMB 8mt/a Refinery Integrate Project was intermedium handed over on Nov 26, 2018, and it’s the first plant handed over for the Project. To reiterate some Milestones for this Plant, it’s kicked off on Jun 18, 2018 and intermedium handed over on Nov 26, 2018 as contract required, with total duration of 526 days.

         Mr. Wu Guang, the Secretary of the Party Committee and the Chairman of Board, extended his congratulations for the successful handover and his appreciation to the associated for their support including Hengyi, Project Team, Zhenhai Petrochemical. Proud of the achievement, Mr. Wu Guang delivered his gratefulness to NCC’s employee and their family. 

         The following leaders attended the handover ceremony:

         Hengyi (Brunei) : CEO Chen Liancai, Vice General Manager Liu Jianping, Du Haipeng, Xu Ye;

         NCC: Chairman Mr. Wu Guang, Vice General Manager and Project Manager, Mr. Guo Peishen;

         Zhanghai Petrochemical Corp.: Chairman Zhao Liwei, Vice General Manager Cai Jinsong;

         In addition, representatives from the following Contractors are present: 

         No. 2 Chemical Construction, No. 3 Chemical Construction,, Sino-Construction Erection, Sino-Mechanic Guoneng, Sinopec, Sinotrans